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A Revolutionary New Perspective

The Teebox Company is the first of it's kind. Redesigning the traditional tee pad to include modern technology, cutting-edge athletic materials, and course enhancing aesthetics.

Our tee pad solutions are engineered by professional sports equipment manufacturers, tested by disc golfers, and designed with course installers and designers in mind. Innovation, performance, durability, and safety.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions for disc golfers of all levels and courses in any area. We strive to help accelerate the growth of our sport and earn the respect of the professional athletics community.


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The Turf Tee


  • Interlocking modular foundation panels made of 100% HDPE


  • Nonslip turf system. 3000 turf barbs per panel


  • Drainage system. Engineered for the toughest elements


  • Patented panel lock system


  • Performance grade dual-fiber turf made of 100% HDPE


  • Custom geotextile subgrade liner


  • Optional border made 100% recycled plastic and steel



  • Easy installation with little to no subgrade prep


  • Eliminates shifting and ensures consistent footing


  • No more water logged pads or washout


  • Perfect alignment for years to come


  • Premium turf surface provides a balance of traction and slide


  • Further ensures panels won't slip or shift during use


  • Frame your tee for a professional look and feel


faster and easier

This innovative system reduces the amount surface prep and materials thus effectively decreasing the install time from days to hours!

We also offer installation and consultation services to ensure your course is built properly and with the highest possible quality.

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freedom of flexibility

Our unique systems allow course designers and installers the freedom of placing their tee pads in any location. Regardless of environment, terrain, or equipment restrictions your course can have the design and amenities it deserves.

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